Mister Donut Master Franchises are now available throughout the Middle East & Africa Region.
What benefits do you get as a Mister Donut franchisee?

Assistance in selecting your site
We'll work with you right from the start, providing you with guidelines on what to look for in selecting a site.
The location of a Mister Donut shop is critical to its success and many factors must be analyzed. To assist you, our Location Guide outlines our minimum site and location selection recommendations. In addition, we personally visit the proposed sites.

Assistance in developing your site
Once you have selected a site, we will supply you with a standard prototype floor plan, equipment list and layout, and advise you on specifications and decor. A local architect may be used to design and draw a complete set of construction plans for your particular location.

Our training program
You don't need experience to become a Mister Donut franchisee. Once you've been through our comprehensive management training program, you will be instructed in the necessary operational and management skills. The program is a two weeks session and is required of each franchisee prior to shop opening. Our training curriculum includes production, cost control, profit and loss evaluation, inventory control, purchasing, quality control, and all phases of administration from marketing and advertising strategy to personnel procedures and scheduling of production and labor.

Help with your shop opening
The timing of your training will be coordinated with the date of your shop's opening. During the shop opening, a team of experienced Mister Donut personnel will work in your shop to assist with employee hiring and training, inventories, use of Grand Opening, advertising and promotional materials and other operating details.

Assistance every step of the way
Every store is assigned a manager for assistance in management and operations. The manager will visit your shop on a regular basis for advice.

Mister Donut® recipes
Mister Donut continues to refine the art of donut-making. Our proprietary recipes contain only quality ingredients, and we're not just speaking of donuts and baked goods. The quality of our fresh-ground coffee is equally renowned.

Advertising and promotional support
At various times during the year, we will provide advertising and promotional materials, such as newspaper ad slicks, TV and radio tapes, and on-site merchandising and promotional materials, paid for by part of your regular advertising fee. We pool advertising funds from franchisees in order to run cooperative advertising programs which will buy a greater amount of advertising and result in more impact for the franchisees advertising dollar.

Purchasing advantages
As a member of the Mister Donut system, you are required to buy your food products ingredient from Mister Donut or distributors authorized by Mister Donut labeled products. As a result, substantial savings in food costs are possible.

Marketing savvy
Throughout its history, Mister Donut has never been satisfied with the status quo. We are committed to continuous sales growth by researching the marketplace and developing innovative products and techniques to meet the needs of that marketplace. In recent years, a line of baked goods, muffins, cookies, brownies, turnovers, pecan rolls, croissants, bagels have been added. Many of our shops now offer soup and pizza. Our new shop layouts are based on a "quick-serve" concept, with customers purchasing their donuts as they would in a bakery, rather than "ordering" them as they would in a restaurant. Booths have replaced counter seating. And in some areas, drive-thru windows add a new dimension to the convenience aspects of the shops.

The Mister Donut® name
What's in a name? Customer recognition, confidence and loyalty. Through the years, Mister Donut has established its reputation by consistently providing superior quality products and service. When you use the Mister Donut name and trademark you can benefit from an enormous amount of carefully built goodwill worldwide


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